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In 1999, Dr. Salim held a number of meetings, courtesy calls and sessions with dignitaries far and wide. 

These included but were not limited to the following engagements:

  • Meeting with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (who later became President of Liberia) 
  • Meeting with Zephirin Diabre (UNDP Associate Administrator)
  • Meeting with Ibrahim Babangida (Former President of Nigeria)
  • Meeting with Ambassador Marawan Zaki Badr of Egypt during the signing ceremony of the protocol establishing the African Court of Human and People's Rights
  • Meeting with Alex Kamugisha (Ambassador of Uganda) presenting his credentials to OAU
  • Meeting with Non-African diplomats
  • Meeting with Tony Lloyd (British Envoy)
  • Meeting with staff of the OAU on the restructuring of the general secretariat of the OAU
  • Meeting with Managing Director and Delegation of Board of Directors of the African Reinsurance Corporation
  • Meeting with Angel Dwamarie Fernande (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba)
  • Meeting with Anthony Lake (US Special Envoy for Ethiopia and Eritrea)
  • Meeting with Daudi Balali (Central Bank Governor of Tanzania)
  • Hosting David Shinn (Ambassador to the United States) as well as Seyoum Mesfin (Foreign Minister of Ethiopia)
  • Meeting with Louise Frechette (Deputy Secretary General of the UN)
  • Meeting with Amr Moussa (Foreign Minister of Egypt)
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