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Pan-African Journal Interview with Dr. Salim

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PANAPRESS: The OAU accomplished its mission of political liberation of the continent from the grip of colonialism and apartheid. However, economic independence seems to be hampered by conflicts and governance problems. How could the AU assist its member states to act for convergence of their respective policies toward good governance and a better redistribution of their wealth?

SALIMIt is vital to emphasize the importance of Good Governance in our continent. Good Governance would ensure that the people's views are dominant and would create an atmosphere where the energy of our people will be properly harnessed towards political, economic and social transformation. It is equally important to emphasize that the scourge of conflict must be decisively dealt with. It is a sad commentary of our situation when we consider that we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of OAU/AU with millions of our people still continue to vote with their feet.


Pan-African Journal No. 18 May 2013

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