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On Welcoming Comrade Mandela

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Nelson Mandela makes his first trip to the Addis Ababa and the OAU on the invitation of Dr. Salim. Dr. Salim paid tribute to both Nelson and Winnie Mandela. 

"Comrade Mandela, the many years you spent in incarceration and brutality you were subjected to, could not bend your will to struggle. And in more ways than one, you have come to symbolize the struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa, and, indeed, in the whole world. It is this perseverance, your tenacity and resilience which have given us strength and reinforced our determination to carry on the fight against Apartheid." - Dr. Salim, March 3, 1990

"Comrade Winnie Mandela held high the banner of freedom. As a mother and freedom fighter, she gave soul to the struggle. Together with her colleagues of the ANC inside South Africa they kept the candle of hope burning against all odds-not least banishment, imprisonment and constant harassment." - Dr. Salim, March 3, 1990


On Welcoming Comrade Nelson Mandela

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