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Briefing to the United Nations Security Council on Darfur

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"Our mandate, as you would recall, has been to create conditions propitious for the Parties, the Government of Sudan and the Movements, to engage in a more inclusive political dialogue leading to a more accepted political of the Darfur problem. Let me say, in earnest frankness that the efforts did not yield the expected results. The reasons for the failure to produce any success in the various endeavors are known. 

Without going into the details, we can cite the un-preparedness, unwillingness and some times pure refusal to accept any proposal of formal or informal talks on whatever subject without a litany of unrealistic and unacceptable pre-conditions, put forward by some movements to enter into any kind of negotiations, the option for military solution chosen by some groups, the claim by others that they are the only representatives of the aspirations of the entire Darfurians and their inclination to exclude all other movements or individuals which they tag as insignificant in terms of representativity or recognized constituency on the ground, the continued fragmentation of the movements." - Dr. Salim, June 24, 2008


Briefing to the United Nations Security Council

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