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On a working visit to Algiers, Algeria Dr. Salim had working sessions with the Secretary General of the Defense Ministry; meeting with the Vice Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff as well as a meeting with President Chadli Benjedid (who also doubles as Minister of Defense). Most of the time was spent with General Mustapha Cheloufi, the Secretary General of the National Defense Ministry. While in Algiers, Dr. Salim gave the Algerian delegation a briefing on the situation in Mozambique. 

According to his notes dated February 24, 1987: "my mission to Algeria had a twin objective. First to thank Algeria for her positive response; secondly to explore how Algeria can assist including what Algeria can do to mobilise international support. I emphasised that we were cognisant of Algeria's own economic problems and other important commitments and any assistance rendered would be all the more appreciated."

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SAS Notes On Visit To Algeria February 1987

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