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First Day as OAU Secretary General

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Dr. Salim used his first day in office to familiarize himself and meet key members of his staff and team. He used the occasion to emphasize:

  1. "The need to work as a team. There will therefore be frequent consultations. It was agreed that the Secretary General or in his absence the Acting Secretary General will convene meetings of the Policy Cabinet every Wednesday at 1600 hours. More meetings can take place if and when necessary.
  2. We must build a Pan-African commitment and loyalty. Our various nationalities notwithstanding, we must first and foremost think and act as Africans. We must serve the OAU loyally and must act as Af rican citizens and must act as such in our words and deeds. 
  3. It is my intention to apply scrupulously the rules and regulations of the Organization. This applies with equal force on the issue of appointments, promotion and sanctions. The relevant committees should be immediately reactivated. The ASG - Administration and Finance should issue a circular note to all OAU Member States and to the General Secretariat affirming this position. 
  4. I intend to discharge my responsibilities without fear or favour. And that will be my standard criteria of my mission for the next four years of my mandate."

Dr. Salim, September 20, 1989


SAS Notes September 20 1989

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