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Dr. Salim narrates the back and forth during an unexpected campaign to push him towards submitting his nomination for the United Nations Secretary General position that took place in the aftermath of the United States opposing the candidacy of Boutros Boutros-Ghali. The play by play involving leaders across the geopolitical spectrum demonstrated the intense lobbying that surrounded the race to succeed Ghali and how France and the United States were on opposing sides on who was best place to be the next UN Secretary General. 

"President Mandela has spoken separately to Presidents Clinton and Chirac and will brief me accordingly. But it is their feeling that we should not allow the French position to obstruct the presentation of my name. If the French veto my candidature, they will be seeking a confrontation and their interests in Africa will be affected." - Dr. Salim, December 6, 1996


SAS Personal Notes December 6 1996 - Issue of UNSG Race

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