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The Transition to a New Southern Africa and Its Impact on Africa

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Dr. Salim gives a speech at a special conference on 'Southern Africa: Making Hope a Reality.' 

"The transition in South Africa as elsewhere in Africa, presents a formidable challenge of political management. It is not only seeking accommodation between divergent views, it is also to ensure that exuberance and political anxiety which accompanies this process of transition, is well managed and channelled properly towards assisting that process. Failure to f ind an accommodation - a workable balance between those different view points will give impetus to the forces of division and political polarization. Of course proper political management will also ensure that transition is effected smoothly and without undermining the good things which have been achieved in the past. It is important however to bear in mind that, in order for transition to be meaningful to the people who want their rightful say in matters of governance, it must be real." - Dr. Salim, June 14, 1993


Conference on Southern Africa, Making Hope a Reality - The Transition to a New Southern Africa and its Impact on Africa

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