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Statement on The OAU and Conflict Management in Africa

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"We all agree that Africa is a continent in transition; but we should not allow this transition to linger on for ever. We must assiduously and in tandem work towards getting to our destiny as soon as possible. For Africa to achieve socio- economic progress, in order for our continent to avoid being marginalized by the rest of the world, it is imperative that we address t.he prevailing conflicts with renewed vigor and commitment. With the end of decolonization of the continent, I believe, the OAU must now redirect its energies and focus on the one issue which stands to undermine whatever else the continent may wish to embark on or to do, including our current plans for the African Economic Community." - Dr. Salim, May 19, 1993


IPA/OAU Consultation on the OAU and Conflict Management in Africa

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