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Statement at the Twenty Ninth Ordinary Session

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"Allow me, at this juncture, to place on record my deep gratitude to all Your Excellencies for the tremendous support and encouragement you have given me over the last nearly four years. Your constant counsel, your graciousness with ideas and your understanding, have given me inspiration and re-enforced my courage. I am humbled by the reaffirmation of your confidence in my person by re-electing me to continue with the task of directing the affairs of the General Secretariat. I take this confidence, not only as your agreement with what I and my colleagues in the General Secretariat are trying to do but equally as an expression of readiness on your part to continue giving us the political support and cooperation which we so much need in order to be of greater service. The years ahead are difficult. I will therefore need the support of all Member States if our organization's efforts are to make a difference in terms of retrieving the lives of Africans from the brink and restoring hope to them." - Dr. Salim, June 28, 1993


Twenty-Ninth Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government

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