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Statement at the Third Conference on the State of Politics in Tanzania

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"If there is something that can be learned from the first generation of leadership in Tanzania it is the promotion of national unity. Today, Tanzanians no longer think in terms of their ethnic affiliation and their political parties are not built on the basis of either religious or ethnic considerations. We do not have Christian parties or Muslim parties just as we do not have SUKUMA parties or NYAKUSA parties. Regionalism is not a major factor in the political process either of general elections or of leadership style. Tanzania has remained a secular state where the exigencies of government activities and leadership have not been based on religion. Indeed, within the larger principle of freedom and unity we have safeguarded freedom of expression, of religion, of Assembly and of Association. These are achievements which we must always cherish as we explore better ways of managing the transition from single to multiparty politics." - Dr. Salim, July 26, 1995


Third Conference on the State of Politics in Tanzania Organized by the University of Dar-es Salaam

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