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Statement at the Sixty Sixth Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers

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Dr. Salim addresses the Council of Ministers and commemorates the 34th anniversary of the founding of the OAU:

"Today, as Africans we should be proud that the Organization has continued to be a forum for the advancement of our collective endeavors and has made significant progress despite the difficulties and obstacles it has had to face. We should equally feel proud for having been associated in one way or another with this major African undertaking and for having brought our continental Organization to where it is today. Today, our Organization is rallying greater support amongst Africans who are showing more interest in its activities. At times, our people may criticize the Organization for not doing enough, but they are not indifferent to it." -Dr. Salim, May 26, 1997


Sixty-Sixth Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers

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