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Statement at the Sixty Second Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers

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"Conflict resolution and economic development are the two of the most important challenges which need the urgent attention of the Council. We can no longer be despondent about the fate of the continent. On the contrary, we need to act together purposefully. We have the Mechanism for Conflict Resolution and the Treaty establishing the African Economic Community. Both are instruments of Africa to extricate itself from the conflicts and under-development - two evils which hold Africa back. These instruments should be strengthened, consolidated and expanded. Africa has taken the crucial step of setting them up. It is now important that Africa demonstrates its unqualified belief in them, to use them as instruments of self-liberation. Africa can do it. All we need is to summon the courage and will to pursue the objectives of peace and development in the Continent." - Dr. Salim, June 21, 1995


Sixty-Second Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers

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