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Statement at the RECAMP Seminar

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"It is noteworthy that this year's RECAMP exercise is taking place in this region. With the benefit of the experience so far accumulated in matters of peace-keeping in Somalia, in the DRC, in Rwanda, in Burundi, in Ethiopia and Eritrea, there is no doubt that the region taken in a broader context has had quite a challenging experience in the aspect of peace-keeping. It is, therefore, my fervent hope that by bringing RECAMP to this region and by expanding its scope to include political and humanitarian exchanges, a platform would have been provided for dealing with problems that had either undermined, continue to undermine or complicate peacekeeping deployments in the region, if not on the Continent as a whole." - Dr. Salim, May 10, 2001


At the "RECAMP" Politico-Military Seminar

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