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Remarks at the Opening of the Third Zanzibar Africa's Mediators Retreat

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"When we met here in 2009 none of us could have seriously anticipated the dramatic changes that have recently taken place in Northern Africa. There are lessons to be learned from those developments especially as they pattern to the impotency of pursuing policy of Good Governance, respect of human and people's rights and ensuring the participation of the people in the affairs their country. There have been a lot of positive things as far as these events are concerned but also development of serious concerns to us as Africans. I note that we will discuss some aspects of the situation in Libya and I do hope that will also afford us an opportunity for some preliminary discussion on implications and prospects of the situation there and beyond." - Dr. Salim, November 23, 2011


Introductory Remarks by Dr Salim Ahmed Salim at the opening of the Third Zanzibar Africa's Mediators Retreat.pdf

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