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On a Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

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Statement by the Secretary-General in Dakar Introducing the Item Conflicts in Africa: Proposals for the Creation of a Mechanism for the Prevention, Management and Resolution of Conflicts.

"I wish to recall what I said, both in the introduction to my report and in my statement before this August council. All too often, we have faulted ourselves at failing to resolve our conflicts and at standing aside as foreigners have come to resolve them. Many times, we have looked around for the OAU to intervene constructively in a conflict situation only to find that it is not there, and when present, to realize that it is not adequately equipped to be decisively helpful. I wish, once more, to stress that my overriding consideration in submitting this proposal for a mechanism is to enable our continent and our organization to address themselves to this burning issue of conflicts which have bled our people and squandered our resources. I believe, Africa must be in the forefront in first attempting to prevent conflicts and, where they have erupted, to resolve them. This organization should be the first point of call."


On a Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution - June 1992

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