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"But the Africans in Southern Africa are fighting not just for the elimination of foreign domination. They are fighting for their very humanity which is constantly challenged by their oppressors. You are all familiar with the nature of the Southern African struggle and I need not repeat the obvious. Suffice it to say that the struggle there is against colonialism and the vilest form of racism. And no true African, no patriot will condone such a perpetual state of humiliation. Yet, when the freedom fighters resort to legitimate struggle as they have, they are immediately given all sorts of labels. Terrorists or Communists or a combination of both is the most common reference. One expects the enemies of African freedom to do so, but when one hears similar expressions used in this country either verbally or by printed word, then it is only right that we should in fact be obvious! Wasn't George Washington branded by the British as a "terrorist," an anarchist and a renegate too?" - Dr. Salim, February 16, 1976


Lecture on the Southern Africa Crisis at the University of Maryland

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