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Address to the 55th Session of the Liberation Committee

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Dr. Salim continues to advocate that continuing the sanctions regime in South Africa is the most pragmatic way forward in terms of maintaining pressure on the Pretoria regime. He has been consistent in terms of not being complacent, despite some positive developments in South Africa, and that maintaining a sanctions regime will continue to pressure the Pretoria regime to dismantle Apartheid fully. 

"As the situation obtains, we must remain vigilant and not fall prey to the woes of Mr. de Klerk and his friends or to their facility of language about the end of Apartheid. We need to be fully satisfied that there is in clear evidence, an irreversible process towards the total dismantling of Apartheid. So far, we accept that there has been some significant changes and we have congratulated Mr. de Klerk for it. Beyond that, it will be to grossly exaggerate the movement made and create a further basis for undermining international solidarity against Apartheid."


Fifty-Fifth Session of the Liberation Committee

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