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Address at the 7th Congress of African Medical Associations and Societies (CAMAS)

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The theme of the CAMAS conference is on 'The Role of the African Physician in the Control of AIDS and HIV Infection,' and Dr. Salim spent most of his speech on the very subject:

"AIDS is a scourge which has engulfed many parts of the world and is threatening every country, every society and every individual. Today, it is no longer an issue of condescending prejudiced discussion aimed at maligning a particular people or segment of society. It is a real problem indeed. Its effects transcend politics, national boundaries or race. It is a nightmare to the entire world. Time for self-serving politics has, therefore, long gone past. Now, we should pull together- Africans, Europeans, Asians and everyone to launch a coordinated and united assault on this plague." - Dr. Salim, November 27, 1989


Address Before the 7th CAMAS Congress

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