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56th Session of the OAU Liberation Committee

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"The need for reconciliation is great as well in Africa where conflicts persist and new ones emerge with increasing rapidity. When this council met last July, the conflicts in Rwanda and Somalia had not yet erupted. With these unfortunate additions, today, we are faced with eleven sets of active conflicts on the continent, excluding South Africa. There are other conflicts which are latent and could be ignited by the slightest misunderstandings. These conflicts have and continue to sap the energies and resources of our continent. They have precipitated refugees, resulted in the displacement, starvation and death of millions of our people. These conflicts have caused environmental degradation and diverted people away from production and locked them into hate and destruction. We need to put an end to this calamity which has befallen our continent."


Remarks at the 56th Session of the OAU Liberation Committee

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