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Last Day as Minister of Defense and First Day as OAU Secretary General

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September 18, 1989 was the last day of Dr. Salim's tenure as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. It was also his last day as a civil servant to the Government of Tanzania. On September 19, he would leave for Addis Ababa and assume the role as Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

"This was the last day as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and National Service. It was also my last day in respect of the many other national responsibilities that I have held in the country including membership of the Central Committee and the National Executive Committee of the Party as well as Secretary for Foreign Affairs of NEC.

Prior to our departure, there was a farewell ceremony at the airport involving the JWTZ cultural group which sang a special kwaya paying tribute to my role. Several government Ministers, Party Officials, Senior Civil Servants as well as senior Commanders of the TPDF were at the airport to see me off. So were family members and friends. It was an extremely moving occasion and I had to fight back tears." - Dr. Salim, September 19, 1989


SAS Notes September 18 - 19 1989

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