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Commentary on the Gulf War in 1991

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The Gulf War, which began on August 2 1990, saw the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq led by President Saddam Hussein. It took place in Dr. Salim's first year of being Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). It was one of the first major international conflicts Dr. Salim sought to have the OAU express a strong position on promoting international peace, even beyond the borders of Africa. Dr. Salim kept a daily commentary on the Gulf War, key developments and his own analysis. 

This was Day 39: the beginning of the ground war. 

"One thing is certain. There is no conceivable way that Iraq can win in this war. 'Victory' for Iraq therefore can only be measured by the degree of resistance and the damage Iraqi forces are also able to inflict on allied casualties. An even conceived in such limited objectives, the odds agains tIraq are simply awesome." - Dr. Salim, February 24, 1991


SAS Personal Notes February 24 1991 - Day 39 of the Gulf War

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