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Call with President Nelson Mandela on the UN Secretary General Race

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South Africa, under the leadership of President Nelson Mandela, was a strong advocate of Dr. Salim and his potential candidacy to succeed Boutrous Boutrous Ghali and serve as Africa's candidate for the position of UN Secretary General. President Mandela was directly involved in campaigning and lobbying on behalf of Dr. Salim even though there was no official submission of his name to the UN Security Council. 

"President Mandela informed me as follows: He had telephoned President Clinton and asked him what would be his attitude if my candidature was presented. The President of the United States told President Mandela that he could get back to him. But Clinton did not come back. However, Ambassador Jelly, South Africa's Permanent Representative at the United Nations was informed by his counterpart - Ambassador Madeline Alrbight (now designated as Secretary of State) that 'things do change.' (This, according to President Mandela was the response to his message and what it means is the United States will not veto me this time around.)" - Dr. Salim, December 6, 1996


SAS Personal Notes December 6 1996 - Call with President Nelson Mandela

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