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Coverage of the 1981 UN Secretary General Race

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In 1981, Dr. Salim contested for the post of United Nations Secretary General - looking to unseat incumbent Kurt Waldheim. The rigorous campaign was felt both through the diplomatic corridors of the United Nations, Organisation of African Unity (OAU), major capitals across the world and of course the media. The media coverage of the UN Secretary General race was relentless and was a demonstration of just how fierce the geopolitics was in 1981 particularly over who should run the UN. Both Waldheim and Dr. Salim did not succeed in the end. 

1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage021
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage020
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage019
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage005
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage066131
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage065
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage064
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage063
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage062
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage061
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage060
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage059
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage058
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage057
UNSG Election Coverage016 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage015 OCR
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UNSG Election Coverage013 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage012 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage010 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage008 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage
UNSG Election Coverage006 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage004 OCR
UNSG Election Coverage001 OCR
1981 UNSG News Clippings043 1
1981 UNSG News Clippings021 1
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1981 UNSG News Clippings004
1981 UNSG News Clippings00003
1981 UNSG News Clippings003
1981 UNSG News Clippings001
1981 UNSG Campaign Coverage053
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