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OAU General Secretariat Memo on Dr. Salim's Candidature for President of 34th UNGA

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On August 15, 1977 the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia informed the General Secretariat of the Organisation of African Union (OAU) that the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has decided to present the candidature of Ambassador Salim Ahmed Salim, Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations, to the post of the Presidency of the 34th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1979. The OAU General Secretariat informed the Ministries of Foreign/External Affairs of all Member States of the OAU with the CV of Dr. Salim attached. 


SAS OAU Correspondences on Candidacy of Presidency For 34 UNGA 1977

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