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Stepping Into Nyerere's Shoes

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"The speculation in Dar es Salaam is that Prime Minister Salim Ahmed Salim, the dynamic diplomat who once contested for the post of United Nations secretary-general, is the likely successor to Nyerere. Salim has vast international experience. He is young by the standards of world statesmen, energetic and he can command the respect of the youth in the country. There was concern that because of the diplomatic life of caviar and champagne in New York, he would not be able to understand the problems of underdevelopment. However, in the few months since he became Prime Minister, he has shown a fair grasp of the essentials of the African countryside. In the few visits that he had made to the regions so far, he has surprised his aides by the energy he shows the willingness to learn from the people and his readiness to stay in rough conditions." 


Africa Events Vol. 1 No.3 March 1985

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